The Network

The Automotive Nordwest network is primarily sustained by its events. On a regular basis the cluster organizes and advertises workshops and forums, at which professional, political, and/or technical topics within the automotive and automobile supply industry are presented and discussed. The events aim to inform end users and decision makers about topics relevant to the industry at an early stage. In doing so, the cluster Automotive Nordwest acts as a communication platform for the regional automotive industry.

Automotive Nordwest is an independent cluster of the Metropolitan Region Bremen-Oldenburg in the Northwest of Germany. The members include businesses, research institutes and universities, regional chambers of industry and commerce as well as other relevant actors within the automotive sector.


The cluster aims to improve communication between the member organizations but also with other economic actors, academic and research institutions, other associations, and regional government officials and politicians.

The cluster displays the regional automobile sector’s capabilities and significance to the rest of the world and acts as a point of contact between the industry, politics, the press, and other automotive networks within Germany and the rest of Europe.

The cluster aims to influence policy and public opinion on behalf of its members’best interests.

Through strategic alliances the cluster seeks to advocate for its interests at regional and national levels, create added value on behalf of its members, and to attract attention to the automotive industry, which is guaranteed by regular contact with other clusters.

The cluster actively works to participate in the development of megatrends and to ensure that they are taken into account and addressed in the further development of the region.

The cluster thrives on the active cooperation between economic and research institutions and supports its members to acquire funding.

The cluster provides value to its members by offering a number of public events, internal workshops, projects, the exchange of information, and the mutual support of and among its members.


The primary goals of Automotive Nordwest are to increase the degree of prominence of the Northwest of Germany as a center of competence in the automotive industry, to support trade relations, and cross-sectoral exchange as well as knowledge transfer between network members through events and workshops.

Our Activities

Representation of the capability and productive of the automobile industry
Technical and trade events on relevant topics and platform for knowledge sharing
Target audience: company chairs, board members, and decision makers
Visits to regional businesses and institutions for networking and meet-ups with other European and German networks
Target audience: company chairs, board members, and decision makers
Meetings with universities and research institutes to encourage technology transfer
Target audience: decision makers in product development departments
One-one-one business meetings between specifically selected companies
Target audience: decision makers in purchasing and sales departments

Bremen, im August 2011
The Steering Committee of Automotive Nordwest